ZSN4 Series Cement Rotary Kiln Driving DC Motor
Payment Terms: 30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Minimum Order: 1 Piece
Package: plywood box
Brand Name: ELE
Protection: Normal IP21S, IP23, IP44 (IP54 available)
Cooling: Normal IC06, IC17, IC37, IC86W
Insulation: Normal class F (Class H available)
Mounting: Normal IMB3 (IM1001 & IM1002)
Duty: S1
Armature Voltage: Normal 400V, 440V, 550V
Field voltage: Normal 180V, 220V, 310V 
Ambient condition: Normal Temperature ≤40℃, Normal Altitude ≤1000m

  • · Features and application
    ZSN4 series DC motor is a kind of special motor which is developed based on the characteristics of cement rotary kiln main drive.
    The motor adopt octagon structure and the availability of stator space is high, stator magnetism yoke is terrace, which can suffer from the pulsating current and rapid upheaval in current, and is applicable to triphase all control bridge commutate's power. And the motor can work for a long time without calm wave reactor. Novel class F insulating structure makes insulating function stable and easy to dissipate heat.
    Designing on the basis of the characteristics of cement rotary kiln makes start moment 2.5 times as rated moment. The cooling method of using pipe-ventilating makes the motor operate safely and dependably in the bad environment with dust.
    The size of motor comply with ICE72 international standard, except for the axial distance between the mounting holes (dimension B).
         · Performance
    Frame size:H250~450mm  
    Power range:35kW~280kW 
    Rated voltage:160V, 400V, 440V, etc
    exciting voltage:160V, 220V, 400V, etc
    Insulation class:F 
    Degree of protection:IP23S, IP44
    Mounting arrangement:IMB3
    Cooling method:IC06, ICl7, IC37, ICW37A86
    Type duty:S1 

    The motor has such advantage as high efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, low vibration, light weight and reliable performance. They are easy for installation and maintenance.

         · Model explanation


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