Z560-2B 900 kW 700/1400 rpm IC06 Heavy Duty Electric DC Motor was shipped for Thailand Jan.23,2018

Update time:23th,Jan,2018

1 PC Z560-2B 900 kW 700/1400 rpm 720 V, IC06 blower cooled, Heavy Duty Electric DC Motor with Germany "P+F" brand encoder RHI90N-0HAAAR61N-1024 was shipped for Bangkok, Thailand on Jan. 23rd, 2018.

Main parameters:
Model: Z560-2B                                Rated power: 900 kW                                       Armature voltage: 720 VDC
Armature current: 1350 A                Speed: 700/1400 r/min                                    Field voltage: 310 VDC
Field current: 21 A                            Enclosure protection: IP23                              Insulation class: H
Duty: S1 continuous                         Mounting: B3 horizontal feet mounted           Cooling: IC06 blower cooled 
Bearing brand: SKF     
Encoder brand: P+F                          Country of origin: Germany                             Type: RHI90N-0HAAAR61N-1024

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