YJP355M-6 600Kw 390V IP23 IC06 3 Phase Frequency inverter AC motor was shipped for Karachi 05.29.17

Update time:29th,May,2017

1 PC YJP355M-6, 600 Kw, 6 pole 1000 rpm, 390 V, IC06 blower cooled, IP23, Low voltage variable frequency variable speed AC Inverter Motor for driving steel rolling mill was shipped for Karachi, Pakistan on May 29th, 2017

Advantages comparing with the other type inverter motors & DC Motors:
1. Small size. 
2. Cheap cost.

Main technical parameters:

Model: YJP355M-6                             Rated power: 600 KW                 Rated voltage: 390 v                   
Rated current: 1065 A
                         Base frequency: 50 Hz               Rated speed: 1000 r/min
Duty: S1 (continuous)                         Insulation class: F                      Mounting: B3 (IM1001) horizontal feet mounted
Cooling type: IC06 blower cooled     
Bearing type: rolling bearing      Bearing brand: TMB
Protection rating: IP23                       Altitude:  ≤1000 m                        Application: steel rolling mill

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