13PCS 22 kW 37 kW 45 kW YZR Crane Wound Rotor Slip Ring Motors were shipped for Ukraine Nov.17,2016

Update time:17th,Nov,2016

7 PCS YZR225M-8, Russia model MTH412-8, 22 KW, IM1003 horizontal single conical shaft end;
2 PCS YZR250M2-8, Russia model 4MTM225L8, 37 KW, IM1003 horizontal single conical shaft end;
4 PCS YZR280M-10, Russia model 4MTH280S10, 45 KW, IM1004 horizontal double conical shaft ends;
Stator 380 V 50 Hz, YZR Series Crane and Metallurgical Wound Rotor Slip Ring 3 Phase Induction Motor were shipped for Odessa, Ukraine on Nov. 17th, 2016.

MTH412-8 22 KW IM1003 Crane slip ring motor

4MTM225L8 37 KW IM1003 crane slip ring motor

4MTH280S10 45 KW IM1004 crane slip ring motor

13 PCS Crane slip ring motors:

PREV YCT315-4A 37 kW Electromagnetic speed regulating motor,… NEXT YZR160M1-6 5.5 kW Crane Metallurgical Wound Rotor Slip …

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